The details are not the details. They make the design.

- Charles Eames

graphic design

Brand Identity does not happen by accident - it is cultivated. I collaborate with each client to create and maintain a consistent experience for your customers from the moment they see your logo. It is crucial that a business's marketing materials maintain a seamless, connected 'feel' - from signage, to your website, to your business card. Often new businesses need a new logo, color schema, and print design. I have had the honor of working with many entrepreneurs to develop their brand from scratch or work with existing companies to refine branding or logos.

Be You Medicina Estetica Logo

Logo Design: BeYou Medicina Estética

BeYou Medicina Estética in Panama City, Panama needed a logo for their new clinic. The woman owned business was poised for a strong start, but needed a brand identity that was

  1. Recognizable
  2. Clean and strong
  3. Reflected “health and beauty” of the business

The owner wanted to not only reflect the esthetic of the clinic (clean white, deep blue), but also wanted to express “health” -- she also enjoys yoga. The “Y” in the center of the logo not only elicits a flower or tree, but also mirrors the yoga pose “Urdhva Hastasana” or “upward salute. The owner was drawn to this imagery as it reflects femininity, strength, and growth.

Gleasons Tavern Logo

Logo & Branding: Gleason's Tavern

Located in Times Square New York Gleason’s Tavern is a favorite spot for theater goers. The cast of Aladdin was known to make it to Gleanson’s for an occasional post show cocktail. The tavern is tucked between stage entrances for the Nederlander Theatre and the Showcard hotel. Although a new venue, opening in 2014, its design needed to feel as if it had always been there. Establishing a “legacy” feel to the logo carried through to the gold paint on-glass front window and door, as well as the oversized menus with embossed leather covers. In a part of New York such as Times Square, the goal was to create something that had endured all the changes. The result is a cozy tavern feel that shuts out the chaos of Times Square.

Bourdon Music Logo

Logo Design: Bourdon Music

Larry Arnold is a composer, performer, and teacher. He has spent decades as a church musician and organist for hire. Larry was in need of a website, stationary, and a logo. I looked to his favorite car brand and a classical composer for inspiration.

JSP crest analysis
As an organist Larry holds Johann Sebastian Bach in high regard. Examining Bach's Crest (left) I learned two things.
  1. YES, you can superimpose “VW” in the logo (center) - the angles in the center are nearly the same.
  2. Bach’s initials, "JSB" are at the core of his crests design (right). The initials are then copied and mirrored to create an ornate but meaningful crest.

VW logo inspiration
Insiration came from the clients love the the Volkswagan brand. Combining proportions from the iconic brand with pipe organ imagary and an art deco font equated to a home run for the client.