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Assess and manage your beer list from your smartphone or desktop.
Our easy-to-use, intuitive web app allows you to updated your print menus, your website, and mobile phone beer lists.
You can even "cast" your beer menu to TV's around your bar.

Easy to use. No Ugly Ads. No cumbersome app to download. 100% Free. Period.


Does your bar or restaurant have an extensive craft beer menu? Our Beer Management System is a powerful, web-based beer menu system. Create menus for print, smart-phones, web, and even television displays.

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With IceCodeBeer, restaurants can easily print handsome, up-to-the-minute BEER MENUS. Easy to read, and informative printed beer lists keep customers happy, while helping them to discover new and interesting beers.


IceCodeBeer QR CODES or NFC Tags, can easily push your beer menu to a customers smartphone. Print your unique QR Code on menus, coasters, etc. – and give your customers a portal to your beer list.


TapsTV allows a bar or restaurant to "broadcast" a dynamic version of their beer list to most any HD Television. TapsTV is compatible with most Internet browsers, the Google Chromecast, and the Visio Co-star.

Custom Backgrounds

Choose from a growing library of images to use as the background to your beer menu. Swap backgrounds out dependig on season, sporting event, or party.




Innovation at The Bulldog: New Orleans

We implemented IceCodeBeer recently to be better able to educate our customers on the ever-changing varieties of beers that are available. We had previously printed laminated menus but with the rapidly changing offerings, we realized that the menus were out of date by the time they had been printed. We had also tried other "real-time" menu systems but these seemed to be targeted more towards identifying locations to find particular beers rather than educating the customers once on site.

We use IceCodeBeer to print our menus on a weekly basis and can now offer our customers up-to-date beer lists with detailed descriptions and the option to further investigate the beers. It has dramatically improved our ability to further differentiate our establishments from the competition and we are thoroughly pleased with the support.

E.Dyer, Owner
The Bulldog, LA & MS